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The Gentle Living Story

Hello, and welcome! I'm so pleased you've stopped by to visit. My name is Becky, I am a Holistic Wellness Nurse and describe myself as equal parts (but not limited to) quirky, cat lover, wanderer and chocolate enthusiast. 

I am on a journey to lead a "gentle lifestyle", and am passionate to encourage and support others to create their own unique journey. In a nutshell, my gentle living philosophy is one which nurtures and supports the precious autonomic nervous system and enables us to flourish rather than remain captive to the negative effects of stress, anxiety and trauma.

I am so passionate to promote gentle living, because I intimately understand the detrimental effects of stress, and particularly anxiety. I have a lifelong lived experience of anxiety. I can recall intense feelings of anxiety from my earliest childhood memories, in which I would experience excessive worry and obsessive, ruminating thoughts… Fast forward into early adulthood, and I gripped onto "quick fix solutions" but long-term damaging strategies such as excessive drinking, toxic relationships, and unhealthy eating - all wreaking further havoc on my already vulnerable nervous system!

To compound things further, I worked a profession which exacerbated my experience of chronic anxiety.. I am a Registered Nurse with 10 years of experience, and also hold an Honours degree in Psychology. Although I am very proud of these experiences and accomplishments, admittedly my time in hospital based nursing was nothing I’d hoped it would be during my student nursing years. I found the directive (not empowering) nature, pharmaceutical emphasis and hierarchy to be stifling. Ultimately, I was left burnt out, moody, fatigued, highly anxious, and deeply unhappy. I could no longer support my patients or colleagues with the care they deserved and decided to follow my intuition, take a big leap and leave the hospital system altogether!

My interest in health and wellbeing, which initially drew me to nursing continues to dance on! I've come to realise that the most effective, meaningful and powerful way that I can truly support others, is to empower them to claim ownership over their health and wellbeing.

I am certainly not immune to the experience of anxiety and, like anyone else, have my fair share of bad days and stress! But, the way I now manage those experiences has profoundly changed through walking the path of gentle living.

Gentle living is certainly no preachy, directive, must-do, one-size-fits-all approach, but rather an individually tailored journey that I believe can support each of us to live joyfully, consciously and in alignment with our values and dream vision for our lives.

It is my absolute joy, excitement and honour to inspire and guide you through your own gentle living journey. I wholeheartedly believe that if you nurture your nervous system, your nervous system will nurture you!

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